My name is Asia, and I am the new EVS volunteer from Spain.
It's been a week since I came here and still not used to the language, the shops or the currency. But for now I really like it here.
For me the city is big and (despite the fact that I can not breath well because of my allergies) It has a lot of flowers, green spaces, trees and I love it.
I also like the different types of landscape that it has. Specially the lakes.

delivered food at the door

I went to check up the office of Human-Net and the Community house. The people there are really nice, and explained to me how they work, their projects, their history, etc. And I was quite impress because they have a lot of different types of projects. For example they work with disability people and helps them finding jobs, or they also help older people. One morning I accompanied a worker to deliver food for older people who live far from the city and it's difficult for them to go to supermarkets. The worker goes house by house delivering the food, talks with them and care about their health.
I still have more to discover about the organisation!

And finally, I had my first Hungarian language course with Andrea. It's really challenging because it doesn't look at all like Spanish or English, but step by step I'm going to learn it. For now I memorized the basics (like how to say hello, thank you, good bye...).

My first week was great! I did a lot of stuff, met a lot of people, discover new places....I hope my second week here will be the same or better!!