Almost all last week was in mood of promotion. Me, Ana and Daniel (but Dan just once, he was on his holiday, again). were the main promoters of EVS in Nyíregyháza. Oh yeah :D And I don´t have to forget Peter, the main Translator and Speaker. We start on Monday, 26th September, but continue on Tuesday and finish on Friday 30th. with our last classroom.
Peter said this kind of school take 2 years and basically it´s a preparation for a future job or university. For example, the first classroom was full of girls, but I don´t remember their field of study, whatever, they were very interested in what we said and took our Erasmus+ promoting posters with elan and fervor. Our second classroom was interested even more. I asked them what they are studying - Finance. "We are couting a lot" they said at first time, and for uncomprehending reason they start to laugh. Ok. Then my presentation began. Peter was always the first one, then Ana and then me. I really enjoyed this promo.

Actually, still one class left. On Friday, the IT class. Full of boys and only one girl? Seriously. These kind of guys were friendly but loud, were not into a subject we came with, unfortunately. I almost started to think about my high school years.
Completely necessary is to mention a very helpful teacher who was with us and introduced us to a classrooms everytime we have been there. And after our last promo hour when everybody left for lunch I´ve talked with the only one teacher who is speaking english in all staff there. Their english teacher. Nice young woman. :)
 Peter had a lot to say as well, he used to be a volunteer in Spain. He speaked about his experience there and showed some photos. Me and Ana speaked what are we doing here, about our activities and why we choose to come here to Hungary.

 Have a great day and see you soon. *A*