Time is running out very fast. We have been on Arrival training just yesterday, weren´t we? Wait, it´s more then 4 months ago and time for Mid-Term training came. Just now. Time to go to Budapest again. Time to meet many new people from all around Europe, but see the old ones as well. Time to enjoy last beautiful summer weather of this year in hotel´s pool, and maybe turn more brown under the sun?! But we had a lot of activities, not that much time for doing nothing like I would love to do all the time. Time, what a precious treasure. At least we were not bored. These activities we did were for our own good. Trainers worked hard to share their knowledge and experiences to us. Point is to make us think more deeply and realize our strenghts and weaknesses. To make us think over our dreams and find out if we actually do what we really want to achieve and do. What about your life? When you see yourself in a year from now? Are you fighting for your bright future? What are you proud of and why? Are you a survivor, team worker, leader. Who are you?

Our EVS program is about to end in a month and I start to feel like there are still a lot of things to do and: Time is just running out very fast. See you next week. With ♥ *A*.