"Tell me where you are from and I will tell you who you are."

 Basically, this smart adage originally sounds like this: Tell me what you read and I will tell you who you are. But in this case, I decided to applicate it for our special event we had. I am from Czech Republic, very small country in the middle of Europe, nobody knows :) Yes. And this little country has its own culture and habits. This day was great oppurtunity to show, to tell and to do something what is normal in my land. First of all - Preparation. A lot of work to cut all the vegetables and all the cheese and bring salats and something to drink, arrange it on table somehow like nobody will have it to far from his seat, then chairs and plug a connectors for presentation, and don´t forget all the dishes we  had to clean later and all the lefts we had to eat. Because:
Now, at this photo you can see how we overstrived and yet, we were full after 5 minutes of eating.

 It worth it. From what you look at the photo we made these beautiful and colorful snack: Many options how to make it. The more colorful it is, the more it´s czech. This is how we eat it. This dish you may find in meetings and events all over the country, from simple family celebration to business consultations. Are you hungry now? Be hungry, because it´s delicious. I am now. But I´m always hungry, so. Don´t count it.

 Presentation of my country was very short, just because I really want to start to eat as soon as possible. I told to my audience some basic information about my country. The capital city, currency, president, parts, national food and clothes. With the food we start to talk more about the food (typical soups and sauses) and also I mentioned some famous czech celebrities.
 It was Hungarian day as well. I don´t know what we eat. It was also very typical and ordinary food here in Hungary. You need : Bread, purple onion, very weird orange butter with cottage cheese and spicy sausage. It looks like this and it´s very tasty:

Thank you *A*