You understand, when you learn a new language, you sitting at chair, writing down some notes about grammar, new vocabulary, you read a text with new letters, and so on. But sometimes, when you get tired of all of this, and when you have teacher like us, you will get distraction.
This distraction has "COOKING" form. Well, we did not actually cook, but we learned a recipe and make a tasty snack. And yeah, we eat it, of course.

Banana lollipop

Ingredients: Banana, honey, shredded coconut, knife, small wooden stick, bowl.

Preparation: Cut banana in half, tag banana on wooden stick, cover banana by honey and then put into a bowl with shredded coconut. Leave in fridge for 10 minuts. Done.

 And it wasn´t all. Before we played a quiz. We looked for a words (in hungarian) on hanged puzzles. These puzzles are very special. Its full of very cheerful and nice words. Like: Kindness, Hope, Peace and Truth. And also in 5 languages: French, English, Hungarian, German and Spanish.
Isn´t it wonderful? These puzzles was made by previous volunteers and by Andi, our supervisor and hungarian teacher. Thank them and Peter for creating a quiz.:) Oh, by the way the Crossword was Volunteering! (Önkéntesség)