Last week I had a small holiday, because the 20 of August was a national day in Hungary. So I had four days of weekend! 

But let's start from the beginning.

Right now i'm focusing doing classes with the kids. I have to confess, before coming here I didn't like kids. They made me nervous and I didn’t know what to do with them, although my mother used to be a teacher in kinder garden. Still, I tried my best to prepare activities, games and teach them Spanish and English and apparently they like it!. We have fun in every lesson, and they even give me gifts that they made with their own hands! I’m really proud of them.

Now I do on Monday Spanish class, on Tuesday English class and on Friday games related to Spanish. All for kids.

On Wednesday, we went to Debrecen to meet with Imre and his kids. They are so cute! Small, funny and with a lot of energy. Was so difficult to keep up with them, but it was fun. After that, we went around the city and had a gin-tonic in a pub. The place was full with creepy creatures, dolls and pictures. It was like being part of a horror movie, but I loved it! My favorite one was the "psycho Panda". You can imagine he's saying: I'm going to kill you..." with a creepy voice. (As you can see, I love horror movies).

After that I came back home, slept a little bit, grabbed my backpack and went to Budapest!. Many people went there to enjoy the day near the river, see some concerts and the big final, the fireworks. After leaving my stuff in the hostel, I went to search the perfect place for the fireworks. There were a lot of stands with food and drinks and concerts. It was difficult to find a good spot but I was lucky, I just had to push some people to get it. 

Sadly, I only spent one day in Budapest. But on Saturday, I was back. Attila and me went to see the local football team play in the Stadium; Nyiregyhaza Spartacus. I'm not a huge football fan, but I like to go watch the games and see the mood of the people. There is always some old men screaming and I have fun with them. I didn't understand them, but I can imagine what they said. This day I learnt a lot of bad words in Hungarian.

After so many activities I did during the long weekend, I have renew energy to start a new week!