On Saturday we went for a trip to Eger. We went together with colleagues of the HUMAN-NET Foundation. The town is situated in the northeast and is rich in historic monuments and famous for its wines and medicinal waters.  We started our journey at 8 am and it took more then 2 hours to get there by bus. First we visited the castle of Eger. We saw exhibitions which cover the history of the castle, after we walked around the fortress and admired beautiful views. Later we went to a restaurant to have a rest and eat something. The waiter greeted us at the door holding a tray with glasses of palinka. Everyone took the glass and went to the table. For start we were given a kind of stew, for me it was like a soup. It was very hot and served with bread. It was very delicious! Next we ate the main meal and dessert. We also tasted the wine. The waiter served different types of wines - from dry to sweet, white to red. We also had a chance to dance a little bit because there was live music. We came back home at around 9 pm.  Thank you colleagues for the great day! J

Pictures from the Castle:

Pictures from the restaurant:

Video from the restaurant and "Istanbul Song":