Katarzyna and I was in Romania. Previously neither of us have been in this country. First we were thinking about going to Cluj Napoca but it would be a long way and we didn't want to spend long time on the way. That's why we chose Oradea which is more close to Hungary. We took the train at 6 o'clock on Sunday. Luckily the weather was like summer has remained! We were lucky, we could catch the traditional city festival unknowingly. There were a lot of foreigns there for this festival. We met with many new people from Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, etc... I must admit that Oradea was more lovely than in my dreams.

Sequentially, we've visited the City Hall, the State Theatre, the Roman-Catholic Episcopal Palace, the Greek-Catholic Episcopal Palace, the Ady Endre Memorial Museum, the Black Eagle Palace, the The Law Court, the St. Ladislau Church, the Fortress, the Emanuil Baptist Church Complex, the Neolog Synagogue, the Basilica, the Poynar House, the Cathedral, the Apollo Palace and the Stern Palace. The city's population is less than 200.000 and they have over 13 beautiful churchss. We also could get views of the city from the tower by paying less than 1 euro (3 RON). By the way, Oradea has a special importance into the history of my country. This city was responsible for the administrative organization and development of Ottoman rule in Hungary.

Unfortunately only one day was not enough to really feel this city. I think that Oradea is a hidden city and needs to be explored. Especially if you are a Hungarian and have not seen it, this city is waiting for you. :)