From the 1st of July we live in Nyíregyháza which is in North-East Hungary and the county capital of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg. The name of this town is hard to pronounce and it takes some time to learn. The main square of the town is Kossuth ter and here we can see the Town Hall, which was designed by Karoly Benko. The building was built in 1872.

Town Hall

The Lajos Kossuth Memorial

Memorial Column to Complete Freedom from Landowner Rule

Roman Catholic Church is a characteristic point where we always meet with our friends to go somewhere 

Fountain called Three Ladies – a bronze statue of three bathing girls

Greek Catholic Church – built in 1895 in a mixed Byzantine style

Josa Andras Museum

Statue  “Birth of Venus”

Romantic Reformed Church


Other places that you can see during walking through  Nyíregyháza