Greetings From Budapest!


As EVS volunteers we have two free days in each month. I've decided to  spend this time in Budapest in September. On top of it, i united it with the weekend. I arrived there on Friday night. I was invited to a birthday party that night. We started to party at a pub and then continued into the night at the night club and danced to Hungarian music. I met with new Hungarian people and also the Budapest night life. :)

On the second day, I visited Szentendre which is a riverside town in Pest county with my friends. It's known for street artists, gift shops that are cheaper than Budapest, galleries and Serbian population.

On Sunday, I joined Főzdefeszt that is between the 6th and 8th of October in Kálvin Square in Budapest. Such a beer festival was a first for me. I have tasted many kinds of beer. Especially the Belgian beer was so sweet and I still have its taste in my mouth !

The last 2 days of my vacation, I did a city tour, I visited the Ferenc Liszt Memorial Museum and the Vásárcsarnok that is the central market. I had a shopping galore. :) I'm afraid I put on some weight during this holiday ! I tried out soup with strawberry, lángos, gyros, kebab and pancake with sweet cheese!!

St István Bazilika
Dohány Utcai Zsinagóga
Terror House
Ferenc Liszt Memorial Museum
Lutheran Church

Have a nice weekend !