Hello, my name is Necdet. I'm from Turkey. I'm the new volunteer of HUMAN-NET Foundation. This is our third week and i want to talk about our first trip.

On the trip morning i was excited about that trip because we were going to visit a castle. I had visited severel castle in my country and these trips were very enjoyable. We departed from Nyíregyhàza with a bus. After a long way finally we arrived to the Diósgyőr castle which is located in Miskolc. It was quite good. It wasn't the biggest one that i have ever seen but anyway i very liked it because it had been reflecting totally a diffrent culture. I walked through walls and rooms. When we climbed up the tower, view was beautiful.

After the castle we went to Tarcal lake. We had to walk for go there but it was totally worth it. When i reached the lake, i experienced a great view of nature. Then we returned back. Trip was very enjoyable.


Me and Fernando                     Me and Lara

                                                                               Room of the castle

( as a knight :D)
and Anikó

Tarcal lake