Yesterday, 28th of May. Me, Ana and Daniel visit Nagyerdö park in Debrecen to celebrated International day of Hungary. I am sure, every country has this day and it is a big issue.


I still dont know much about Hungarian culture, but it was amazing. We can met people in traditional clothes, doing traiditional work and enjoy traditional music. At main stage people had many perfomances. Bands playing at instruments I never saw before. Well, hungarian culture is very rich.
Animals were the as well.
 Horses, bulls and sheeps. Had to say wow. Bulls were huge, but luckily for all of us, seemed calm.
 Sheeps cuddled each other and slept.

Szurkemarha labszar pörkölt (Roasted rump)

Weather was beautiful. Amazing time for looking around a place, took a deep breath, sit under a trees and soak up the atmosphere.