It’s seems that I am writing the last blog post. My EVS project came to the end and I am at home in Poland. On my way to home I had to change the train in Budapest where I had time to see the popular Christmas Market. Then I boarded the train which took me to my country. After almost 9 hours of my journey I was in Mysłowice. Now it’s a third week I am here and need to organize my life routine again. I miss my friends and EVS project. I hope in future we will meet somewhere and have a big party. EVS was great experience with a lot of benefits. Thanks to all who were a part of it.

Greetings from Poland


The last day in organization's office - positive feedback and some memories

 Farewell party - fun and great time with friends

Budapest - Christmas Market - charming day of the airborne scent of mulled wine and traditional dishes ...