Nyíregyházi Állatpark - Sóstó ZOO

Hello !

Last week we had a training about unemployment; LET´S WORK ! There were participants from Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. They have spent an intensive week here. Fortunately, the HUMAN-NET Foundation has organized a little surprise free day. All of us has visited the zoo, that Katarzyna, Marcos and I also would have liked to see, on Thursday. Speaking for myself, i visited the zoo in Turkey only once in my life. But this zoo was really wonderful! It is one of the biggest in Central Europe. There are 5000 animals and 500 species in 300000 square meters.


Piotr, Joanna and Katarzyna are from Poland and I´m in the middle of the picture :) I'm imitating the small monkey :)


                                         Zebra is my favorite animal :)

And certainly to shopping for memories <3