One week ago, on Friday, our Foundation organized a Bicycle Day. We have met in the foundation’s office and from that place we to the forest on bikes together. In the forest a lot of activities took place. You could come and saw a dance performance of cha-cha-cha, hip hop and traditional gypsy dance. If you wanted you could also try to dance yourself. Teachers showed basic steps and you could try to dance on the stage. There was also a concert of one Hungarian band. You could take part in some sports competitions. Moreover there were points where you could do hand-making things, for example flowers made from paper packs and eggs, decorative plates with seeds, bracelets made ​​from plastic bottles and old clothes, animals made from balloons and handmade tattoos. If you felt hungry you could eat a sandwich with a delicious paste prepared by employees of the organization. It was a really well-done day. :)