A Few Photos From the Tokaj Days

Sziasztok! I am Basak!

Last Saturday, Attila invited me to Tokaj for a wine party ! I hadn't hesitated, I said "Yes!" :) Because I have heard a lot of things about Tokaj. I wanted to drink wine that everyone was praising and to visit the city's famous wine houses. Furthermore, there is a river in Tokaj, the Tisza, which is one of the main rivers of Central Europe. This river goes through Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, aand Serbia.


We have met at the railway station and left Nyíregyháza by train at 09:39. Initially we had 8 participants and we would have met with others in Tokaj. We've chosen a jerkwater train and our voyage took 40 minutes. We had started frolic!

First we wanted to stop by the house of the others and put our bags down. After organizing the day there, we've left the house and went to buy wine. And we bought approximately 15 liter dry, semi sweet, and sweet wine! Believe me, it's more delicious than narrated. I was interested in wine culture a little bit. If you go to Turkey you should try Sirince wines. So to say, it's a wine village like Tokaj. :)

There you can find only white wine. We paid 2 € (600 Ft) for 1 liter wine.

In this image we're on bridge and this river is Tisza !

In this picture we're at Tutajos Beach !