A Cultural Event at Huszárvár

Sziasztok !!!

On Thursday, we were at the Huszárvár (Guszev) and we were together with Patricia Kuthy and Tibor Gyuris who are actor.

During the seminar, which lasted approximately 3 hours, we were told about the evolution of theater, drama from the world of the Ancient Greeks, through Shakespeare, to the modern theater and the types of theater in nowadays and the popular plays.

They answered the following questions to the audience:
How to become a player, actor or scenarist ? Which is more important; education or capability or power?!

The youngsters asked a lot of questions and I was glad that they were really interested!

And then we played a little game. We had a circle. There were two balls. One of them was meant to be for vegetables and other one was for fruits. Everyone chose the name of a vegetable and a fruit. My choice (Basak) was aubergine and apple, because Turkish and Hungarian meanings are same: patlican-padlizsán, elma-alma. Next step, everyone had to throw the ball in each new round. But the directions of movement of both balls were different ! Even, at the same time we were dancing !!

Finally we did a little improvisation :)

Thank you for this amusing day
Thank you for the sandwiches
Thank you for the translation