The HUMAN-NET Foundation will organize a sport and community day on the 3rd of July in the Örökösföldi Közösségi Ház (Community House at Örökösföld). As part of the program, we will hold the award procedure of our previously scheduled drawing competition.
This is the first program of us when we can welcome our three EVS volunteers, Katarzyna, Basak and Marcos. So, if you would like to be part a good company, do something active in the second week of the school free summer. Do not hesitate to come! You can find other details on the Facebook page of the community house.

The program is connected to the promotion of using bicycles, and we would like to educate our audience about the advantages of using this environmentally clear transportation method. Here is an illustration about the parts of a bicycle in English: 
The Facebook page of the Community House: Örökösföldi Közösségi Ház.